Our Publishing Mission


News.Net exists to promote growth and build pride in our communities by providing honest, open and transparent news, information and analysis of issues in the public interest. It seeks to earn and retain the public’s trust by adhering to the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality and relevance in reporting local, national and international affairs. Stories that are entertaining, engaging, constructive and freely available will provide rich context. Where possible, they will benchmark community activities against those in other locations, and seek solutions.

What we stand for:

• Our focus - To nurture communities with a safe and ethical environment that shares news, debates issues, rewards innovation and promotes business.

• Our journalism - reportage is balanced, fair, accurate and timely.

• Our coverage - To provide comprehensive news and information from around your town, region, nation and world.

• Explaining the news - To provide news that shows why it happens and how it works.

• Your voice - News.Net seeks to engage the audience by offering a platform to share

opinions in a safe, respectful, and well-considered manner.


Why trust us?

• Independence - News.Net news content is offered without subscription fee, and provided free of political and commercial bias.

• Skills - News.Net values good journalism, demands high standards from its editorial staff and contributors, and provides induction and regular training to improve storytelling.

• Standards - News.Net news is produced within all relevant legal and industry regulatory frameworks.