Who is News.Net?

News.Net is a unique, high-scale network of news websites providing fact-based journalism to many communities that have been starved of trusted media. We provide international, national, state, regional and local news that is free of political agenda and commercial bias and is freely accessible.


News.Net offers a productive platform on which important societal issues can be debated sensibly; and a safe environment in which advertisers can promote their brands.


Our Purpose

To provide an independent, digital news network offering trusted sources of reporting and coverage of stories, delivered locally. To be a trusted and safe place for informed discussion, explanation, and services. To reconnect businesses and customers through local relationships, according to their needs.

Why we exist

Starting in 2022, News.Net will roll out to 1300 markets in all states and territories in metropolitan and regional Australia.


The depth and breadth of News.Net’s fact-based local, regional, state, national and international news stories will touch the lives of many.


News.Net fosters a safe environment for intelligent discussion of community affairs, promotes business and innovation, and engenders pride in where we live.

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"Our vision is to empower citizens by giving them back their voice and connections to their community, their nation, and the world in one place"
Our backing

News.Net is a privately-owned group. The group’s shareholders are high-net-worth individuals who believe in the strength of a free, independent and impartial media. 


They do not seek a public profile but they are driven to preserve the strong editorial values of News.Net, keeping it free of political and commercial bias.


News.Net exists to promote growth and build pride in our communities by providing honest, open and transparent news, information and analysis of issues in the public interest.


It seeks to earn and retain the public’s trust by adhering to the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality and relevance in reporting local, national and international affairs.

Our Focus


Build and grow a healthy and sustainable journalism business model and help restore the information ecosystem.


Offer a depth and breadth of news, information context and explanation not available through any other single source


Be independent of any media network, political party, ideological agenda, or commercial interest


Support and grow the relationship between local businesses and their customers through relevant and responsive connections

Why Trust Us?


News.Net news content is offered without a subscription fee and provided

free of political and commercial bias.


News.Net values good journalism, demands high standards from its editorial staff and contributors, and provides induction and regular training to improve storytelling.


News.Net news is produced within all relevant legal and industry regulatory




News.Net has a simple and transparent complaints process. Email complaints@news.net